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Value of People CX Bank

True Customer Experience Begins and Ends with People With the proliferation of technological innovations in today’s marketplace, job-seekers are spoilt for choice in determining where they’d like to work. As

Powerful Influence: <br> Unleash Your Persuasive Potential

Influencing, it’s the art of leaving a mark on the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of others. But beware, for influence can be a double-edged sword, capable of driving both positive

Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations: Neuroscience and Negotiation Techniques

(Image credit: PhotoAlto/Frederuc Cirou/Getty Images)   After nearly twenty-five years studying foreign spies, LaRae Quy, an FBI counterintelligence agent, shares powerful insights on effective communication and negotiation techniques. Whether you’re

Power of Gratitude

(Image credit: natasaadzic/Getty Images)   I truly believe in the power of gratitude. It is a quick exercise we do in our workshops – regardless of what the program may

Mutual Empowerment

(Image credit: Getty Images)   I believe in mutual empowerment and win-win agreements or solutions. My heart wants to see everyone thriving. John F. Kennedy is credited with the adage

Book Review : <br> Girls Who Run The World

‘Girls Who Run The World’ by Diana Kapp. This empowering book is an absolute must-read for girls of all ages. It showcases the indomitable spirit of kick-ass women who are

How To Be UnF*ckWithAble

(Image credit: Steve Burns)   This is a motivating read to continue the next six months of 2023 with vigour and vitality! How To Be UnF*ckWithAble Have written goals so

Lead Sales Through Uncertainty

(Source: Gartner 2021)   How can CSOs vastly improve investments, resource allocation and even messaging? Focus on the confluence of current disruptions, emerging trends and future demands. Read more on

New Demands on Sales Strategy and Leadership

(Source: Gartner 2021 – New Demands on Sales Strategy and Leadership by Dave Egloff)   At the heart of today’s sales strategy is the priority of cultivating a buyer-centric GTM

To Maximize Growth, Get Sales and Finance in Sync

(Image credit: Prapawadee Wattanapinyo/EyeEm/Getty Images)   How many of you reduce your sales leader’s forecast 25% or more each month? Key research shows that this happens more often than not.

A Gift of Time

I returned home from San Diego at the end of January 2020 full of vigor and excitement about having completed a critical stage of my professional development. I had my

Your mind is like a parachute

‘Your mind is like a parachute – it only works when it’s open’. Opening yourself to constant learning experiences is the most important part of self-development. Your deadliest enemies are

Tim Tebrow

Good words from Tim Tebow – American Professional Baseball Player. Choose to follow your convictions, not your emotions. Convictions will push you through the difficult times when the emotion of

Authenticity is your Biggest Differentiator

I lead the local chapter for the Enterprise Sales Forum in Singapore. Our chapter has seen its audience grow since January 2018 from an audience of 17 to now almost