We Chase a World of Infinite Growth Possibilities

Infinye – pronounced as In-Fy-Nigh – is a Singapore corporate performance optimization consultancy incorporated in 2008.

Our name represents the infinite highs of corporate performance that can be realized by applying real-world experience and expertise to transform the theoretical into the practical.

Our Mission

We Chase a World of Infinite Growth Possibilities


Innovate relentlessly to become better, faster and smarter.


Never forget that problems are opportunities to do better.


Find new ways to help clients, colleagues, partners to win.


Inspire each other to fly higher and run further every day.


Never forget to always do the right things in the right way.


Yesterday’s best will never be good enough for tomorrow.


Eliminate time-wasting activities for people we work with.

We Fight The
Crooked Arrow

When people, systems or processes are not finely-tuned, they are like crooked arrows that won’t hit their targets.

That is bad news for your company.

We help you fight this enemy via tested-and-proven solutions that ensure your arrows are strong, sharp and straight.

We supercharge your No.1 asset

The corporate world loves to romanticize the idea of out-of-the-box-thinking and disruptive innovation.

However, the last 150 years of business history has shown us, time and again, that companies which make incremental but sustained improvements are the ones who enjoy greater success over a longer time period. Regardless of industry, all companies’ success stories are driven by one common element – People. 

Not machines. Not technology. Not luck.

Therefore, everything we do at Infinye is to supercharge your people with real-world expertise and experience to help you win in this hyper-competitive world. Our solutions help your people to improve consistently while avoiding costly burnouts, mistakes and derailments.

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Corporate Performance Optimizer
Our Category defines the kind of business that we are and the space that we are here to dominate.

Our Vision

A World of Infinite Growth Possibilities
Our Vision defines the future that we want to create for the brand.

Our Brand Values


We always update and upgrade our knowledge to remain on the cutting edge.


We always maintain our independent point of view to give an unbiased picture.


We always work as if we are part of the client’s team in any engagement.

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