The 2% Factor

The difference between 1st and 2nd place in subjectively-judged events in the last 10 Olympics is often less than 2%.

The above also holds true in the world of software or technical demonstrations. The key difference is that you don’t get a prize for coming in 2nd in the business world. Your prospect often judges you and eventually decides purely based on how well you have presented your solutions. Within a limited time, your solution engineer, pre-sales consultant or solutions architect therefore has the arduous task of delivering the presentation at least 2% better than the competition to stand out. 

We call this ‘The 2% Factor’.

Elevate Your Solutions
Presentations to Achieve a Winning Edge

Infinye has partnered with the global leader in delivering actionable techniques and strategies for solution presentations, 2Win! Global, which has helped thousands of sales and pre-sales professionals from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies engage their audience better and deliver world-class software demonstrations.

Within the multicultural and multilingual region of Asia Pacific, Infinye has the deep expertise and experience to support the delivery of personalized programs from the 2Win! Global portfolio to clients in the region.

Differentiate Yourself,
Regardless Of Platform Or Culture

This includes equipping your teams to perform optimally in any format, especially given the increasing hybrid-mode of operations many companies are adopting.

Regardless of whether your teams are fluent only in Japanese, Mandarin or English, Infinye can deliver personalized programs adapted to your business, language and culture.

Talk to us about how you can equip your teams to always be at least 2% better than your competitors – consistently and constantly – in any market you compete in.

Discover how we can help you constantly differentiate yourself from the rest