A.C.E. Strategy Framework

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In the battlefield of marketing, there are 2 things a company needs to emerge victorious – Strategy and Execution. Strategy must come first because executing a flawed strategy perfectly will still result in abject failure.

Strategy Made Simple

The A.C.E. Strategy Framework is popular with our corporate clients as it focuses on developing the 3 core skills of Awareness, Communications and Engagement that are critical in helping your team to develop and execute the right strategy in any given market.

This is a ‘Your-Size-Fits-All’ framework. Deep personalization is done to cater for each company’s uniqueness and quirks, something our clients appreciate greatly.

Strategy Immediately Applied

Unlike other programs, the Infinye approach is effective as it operates on a simple learning principle used by the best learning and development programs in the world:

You remember 10% of what you see;

20% of what you hear;

30% of what you see and hear;

But 80% of what you see, hear and do.

Strategy Made Real

The Infinye A.C.E. Strategy Framework:

  • Brings participants as close to the field as possible by simulating real-world conditions.
  • Allows participants to experience first-hand how they stack up against the competition.
  • Enables the learnings to be applied immediately to the participants’ work.

All these lead to greater stickiness of the key concepts and ensure that YOUR company strategy is optimized for maximum success.

Learn How Your Organization Can Break Through Barriers and Grow

The right strategy is what puts companies over the top.

Jack Trout | The father of positioning