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True Customer Experience Begins and Ends with People

With the proliferation of technological innovations in today’s marketplace, job-seekers are spoilt for choice in determining where they’d like to work. As a result, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the right talent without the lure of disruptive technologies or modern-day work amenities. This challenge exists across all industries.

However, it is most keenly felt in organizations where the front-line service staff is integral to the success of the business. One role that often comes to mind is that of the branch manager at a financial institution. Traditionally viewed as a job with maximum exposure to varying demands of the customer, equipping the branch manager with the right balance of empathy, critical thinking skills and corporate speak can often be a big challenge.

Let’s face it. Not many are equipped to work in a role where you deal with the frustration of customer complaints all day, struggle with internal processes and where alignment with team members is often lacking.

Consequently, many companies try to compensate by offering non-tangible components such as brand prestige, option to purchase the company’s products at discounted prices or even decent health coverage.

Despite these, the results are often the same – high employee turnover and low motivation levels. This then has a direct impact on the customer experience that an organization offers.

The Solution

Best-performing companies realized early on that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and customer experience. No matter the industry, a company’s greatest asset is its people. Even with superior technological tools or robust business processes, a customer’s experience with an organization is often solely judged on interaction with its people.


“Infinye’s experiential-based approach to designing our talent-retention strategies was truly refreshing and allowed us to outline areas for maximum benefit. The continuity we derived helped us achieve significant improvement in our customer engagement levels”

Contact Center Head, Regional Bank


This ‘People’ component is a foundational principle of Infinye’s approach to helping clients enhance their overall Customer Experience (CX) benchmarks. The methodology that Infinye leverages is one that is simple, scalable and most importantly, geared towards driving measurable results. The core aspects of Awareness, Empower and Enforce are properly defined, inspected and implemented – simultaneously monitoring the implications on employee engagement and therefore, customer experience (CX). Specific initiatives covered in these 3 areas include:


Every aspect of the ‘People’ component must be regularly reviewed. At the same time, organizations should invest in people-development initiatives, develop a culture of open dialog and even offer unique lifestyle experiences to their employees in order to create a behaviour which enhances customer experiences for its customers.


“The workshops that Infinye ran on customer engagement and user experience allowed my team to understand and practise real-world scenarios in a fun, relaxed environment. I was amazed at the level of involvement of each team member. They’ve all come to me asking for more workshops like that. More importantly, this increased energy has translated to better service resolution rates at our customer service centers.”

Customer Success Director, Asian-based Telco


The deep understanding of human behavioral models as well as their simple applications are unique differentiators which Infinye offers.

The technology and process components of the organization need alignment too. Infinye’s varied expertise in technology provides clients confidence in the knowledge that they need only invest in technology that matters and in tools that impact customer experience.

Infinye also brings a unique, real-world approach to business process management via its own proven methodology. Through time-tested methods and ‘Back-to-Basics’ design, clients can easily identify effective solutions to implementing world-class business processes in customer experience.

Our Infinye Client Advocacy Index™ (ICAI) remains the key reason that our clients partner with us for the long-term. Our client successes span across multiple industries – from Financial institutions to Telecommunications, Technology and Logistics Solution Providers, Retail and several others.

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