Mutual Empowerment

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I believe in mutual empowerment and win-win agreements or solutions. My heart wants to see everyone thriving.

John F. Kennedy is credited with the adage “A rising tide lifts all boats”. It means that success benefits all those around it, just as a rising tide will lift all boats, not only one.

Sadly, in this self-serving world we live in, we may often feel that others have to lose in order for us to win. Win-win mindset is an attitude that seeks to see everyone benefiting from success. It’s not a quick-fix or being shown up as ‘weak’. On the contrary it demonstrates a maturity. It demonstrates an attitude of being open, compassionate, brave and confident – leadership traits that are essential to win-win. Win-win solutions are exciting, heady and infectious. It demonstrates integrity and trust which only bring about long term success for everyone.

Core beliefs at Infinye Incorporated.

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